Delicious Food & Drinks, Made Fresh to Order.

Made fresh for you!

Your Taste is Our Command.

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Convenience food has its place—but it’s not in a Speedy Café. You'll find Speedy Cafes inside select Speedway stations, offering a variety of freshly made, delicious food and beverages, including a wide selection of handcrafted beverages, all reasonably priced.

Best of all, you order everything exactly to your liking, and our staff will prepare it right away. (For non-convenience food, that's pretty darn convenient!)

Step 1: Choose Your Order

If you’re a fan of fresh, you’re going to like the way we do things at Speedy Café. Gone are the days of roller dogs and heat lamps. Here, everything is fresh and made to order. You call the shots, too.

Tap the screen to choose from toasted or cold subs, 6” or 12”, bread options, cheese, toppings, and a variety of spreads. Conclude with add-ons and location: Dine-in or Carry-out.

Step 2: SHOP & PAY

Paying for your Speedy Café order and any extra items is easy and all in one place—at the main register. Don’t forget to use your Speedy Rewards® Card!


Grab your order from the Speedy Café pick-up counter. Whether you eat with us in-store or get your favorites to-go, enjoy the fast freshness of Speedy Café today!

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